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 The world Is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ~ St. Augustine 

Wear your wanderlust. Widen your world.

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The store is live! I've been hard at work designing travel-themed shirts and merch. Please support this adventure and help me make dreams come true. Browse, share, buy, and wear your wanderlust proudly as you travel the world! The collection is often growing so please check back regularly!

The Boutique


For those who want a trendier or alternative style of travel-themed shirt or merch, check out my boutique page through Customized Girl.

If you want a design on a different product let me know, they are all print on deman

Go on an Adventure Greeting Cards!


I'm proud to announce the launch of Go on an Adventure brand greeting cards through zazzle!

Maybe you have a wanderluster to whom you want to give the gift of travel or luggage or maybe you need a card to go with one of Go on an Adventure's fabulous shirts! 

Check em out here!

Travel Tips


This is especially for those who are kinda new to the world traveling scene but who are looking for some basic recommendations about what to know before you go, getting local advice and recommendations, and alternative types of travel. 


But best advice I can give? Be up for adventure!

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More Go on an Adventure Products available through Redbubble. 

Rather have a blanket or a journal? Maybe a wall clock? Check out the designs with this link

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About the Brand

How the journey began...


A few years ago, while working as a nanny, I became a kdrama binge watcher. Realizing that reading subtitles was not practical while trying to entertain littles, I decided that it would be fun to try and learn Korean. I ended up joining a language exchange website and started meeting fun and interesting people from around the world. Although my Korean language skills have yet to develop, I did gain an insatiable wanderlust and try to travel to foreign lands as often as I can. One of my life goals is to try and visit at least one new country every year. 

While traveling the world and experiencing different people and cultures I began to realize that part of my larger dream is to do my part in building up a more beautiful and welcoming world. I wanted to inspire others to have similar experiences and to connect those who already do their part as well. Travel, particularly international travel, is one of the most illuminating experiences we can have. It can be truly eye-opening and life-changing if we let it. Whether traveling to a third-world country for a volunteer opportunity, trekking through the jungle on a bucket-list adventure, or renewing yourself on a relaxing getaway, I hope you all realize we all need to see things from new perspectives and appreciate how even though we come from different backgrounds and locations, we are all in this together and as they say, everything's better when we're together!

The Go on an Adventure designs have been a natural flow from the inspiration that comes while sitting in the bathtub reflecting on these things and all things travel-related, as well as in part from talking to others and adventuring around! Please support the brand and I promise that when it starts to take off I vow to use part of the profits to support the travel dreams of others. Go on an Adventure! (and then tell me all about it)

A brief bio


Call me Ceej. I live in colorful Colorado where I currently work as an Optician, helping people see the beauty of the world just a little clearer.  I love to travel (obviously) and have been hard at work designing for the Go on an Adventure brand. I am also an aspiring author, and I love art, science, and all sorts of mysterious and legendary things. I also recently finished my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. 

My dream


To inspire and encourage a beautiful world with less barriers, walls, and fear and more understanding, love, service, and respect.  It is my dream. And I'm just trying to do my own little part to live it and open the hearts and minds of others as well. As the brand grows I will invest in creating travel opportunities and cultural experiences for other to see things from new perspectives and make dreams come true. Thank you for your support. We're all in this together. 

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Please share with us a story of an adventure you've already experienced, an adventure you're planning or an adventure you dream about. Let's connect to be inspired, share our adventures and make some dreams come true! I may contact you to see if I can publish your story on this site.

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