Travel tips


Know Before You Go


Don't forget to do the research on the area where you're going. Check the weather, if there are any travel advisories, if you need a Visa, etc...

Some useful sites:


Local Advice and Recommendations


One thing I like to do is ask advice from locals when I am traveling abroad. A good way to connect with locals is through language exchange or international social medial groups. This is also a good way to learn some useful phrases and to ask about any potential dangers! 

Some of the sites/apps I've met people through are:


Alternative Travel


There's a "new" wave of travel opportunities that have been popping up on my social media lately. From doing a remote year, teaching English, or volunteering abroad, it shows that adventures come in all shapes and sizes and are not just for the vacationers. One cool site that I registered for (caution, it does cost money) is 

This is a cool opportunity for those looking for culture exchange on a different level or on a smaller budget. 

I haven't checked it out yet but I downloaded an app called "worldpackers" that seems to have a similar type of vibe.